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Taking things for granted?

It happens all the time, especially when you have exactly what is considered almost perfect (because nothing is perfect) and you don’t treat it like you should


The world we live in today

is fucked.

I’m fucked, you’re fucked, society is fucked.

Absolutely NO ONE is as driven as they used to be, as long term with their life goals as they used to be, and if they are it’s because they’re the one out of one million people to do that.

We’re too lazy to make relationships work, we rather look for the negatives or get bored and seek other people.

But why, and how did the world become so shallow? Back in the day parents worked their problems out, instead of using divorce as the only ultimatum. Children treated education as a must have/do instead of something of a burden.

Yes, I’m bashing all of us. But i’m bashing me to. I too, will probably be affected by these ways of behaviour, idk.

Jk, i deff already am.


goldennugget1 said: Damn McDonald's does sound good right now.


Anonymous said: I think your blog, you, and your humour is great

I think you, your thoughts, and your over all sense of judgement is great.

Anonymous said: why is it that your boobs look fucking perfect in every selfie that you take

I don’t perfect them before a photo, that is how they are naturally placed.
Thanks for noticing my boobs in all my selfies though, I guess my face doesn’t need any credit


I would just like to add

how excited my stoned ass is for the morning where I wake up before 10:30 and head over to McDonald’s for breakfast


Egg McMuffin, and a hashbrown.

I would go now, but I’m trying this work out thing diet thingie

I’ll brb

Lul, I remember this guy
I have a post with

11,000 notes.
It feels good to see that 11,000 people find that picture funny and relatable.

I’ve reached out to 11,000 people
I’m god

If you know who this little girl is, then I like you.